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Centuries after witches were burned at the stake, the Wicca movement once again looks set to become a symbol of female empowerment.

It was back in 2013 that figures showed paganism was the fastest growing religion in America and this year it could come into its own.

Television series like Salem and American Horror Story: Coven are already attracting a huge following and look set to do for witchcraft what Twilight did for vampires a few years back.

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Although Plato considered the soul (the real self of each one of us) as an essentially indivisible unity, when exploring it as something that acts, he presents it as having three aspects.

A detailed examination of the nature of the human self is to be found in his Republic where, at the beginning of the second book, Socrates suggests that, since the soul is too small and too close for us to look at easily, he and his fellow thinkers should explore the workings of a republic because, he claims, it is an analogue of the soul and its multiple "parts" or modes.

These evenings include short talks and/or readings from Platonic writings – but we hope they will be genuinely interactive, with all participants invited to contribute to our collaborative search for truth.

No previous experience of formal philosophy is required.

Please note that sessions marked with an asterisk in January, February and the beginning of March will begin at 8pm and run through to 9.30 (we are running a class before each of these session which is timed to end at 8pm).

We have highlighted in red dates when the normal fortnightly pattern is disrupted.

"Beatific contemplation does not consist of the accumulation of arguments or a storehouse of learned knowledge, but in us theory must become nature and life itself." - Porphyry, 3rd century AD.

The starting point for our studies and reflections is the writings of the Platonic tradition but we rely on the affirmation that every man and woman has within him or herself a connection to all the great truths which underlie reality: our joint discussions are aimed at bringing forth and into focus these truths, which otherwise might remain more or less obscured by the complexities of life.

Adventure is what people want from their holiday and it doesn’t come mych more wild than the North Pole.

Previously off-limits to all but the most hardy explorer, Crystal Serenity recently became the first large scale cruise liner to traverse the Northwest Passage from Alaska to the Atlantic.

Why does Socrates relate Diotima’s teaching rather than making his own speech on the nature of love (or er Plato drew upon many sources as he explored the profound truths which are presented in his dialogues – but perhaps none are more fundamental and far-reaching then that of the Orphic teachings.

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