Infrastructure security is at the root of entire corporate security plan.Other individual security area plans (ISAPs) may overlap with an infrastructure security plan to some extent.Stop your early career history taking up too much space on your CV by combining similar jobs into a single section e.g.

Find tips on how to write your Linked In Profile 8.

Add your CV to online databases If you are actively job hunting or are open to new opportunities, consider posting your CV on a CV database and register it with other relevant agencies and jobs sites.

If you only ever update your CV during job applications, it is probably not doing you justice.

Refreshing your CV on a regular basis allows you to: 1.

This will save you time and ensure that the profiles dovetail.

If you are about to apply for jobs, new employers are likely to check out your online presence as part of the hiring process.

List job titles and dates briefly and then use a single set of bullet points to cover all those jobs in one. Bring your Education and Qualifications up to date Include any training courses, professional memberships and conferences undertaken recently .

Include anything significant and relevant for your target career areas. Add in Volunteering and Interests Don’t forget to include any voluntary roles and interests which shed a positive light on your transferable skills and personal qualities, even if these are not directly relevant to your target job. Refresh your Online Profiles Consider updating your Linked In and other online Profiles whilst you are working on your CV.

Note where a move was due to a promotion or increased responsibilities.


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  4. If you’re in Australia, Oasis Active is a decent choice.

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