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Two of his seven siblings are half brothers from his father’s second marriage to Megan Everett.

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clown, Pennywise shed his skin and emerged as the very chiseled Bill Skarsgård.

(Truly, it’s a shock to the stud behind the terrifying clown persona!

Netflix bingers might know him from the hit horror show, Hemlock Grove as Roman Godfrey.’s name is his strength, and his famous family have definitely helped his career.

Alexander Skarsgård is his older brother who we know from HBO’s fang-y hit, True Blood.

Alida Morberg (32) lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and judging by how often these two are seen together, it looks like she is Bill .

Since Sweden is his home as well, it makes sense that the two met there.

Gustaf Skarsgård is also a well-known actor in Sweden, and the family’s film background likely influenced Bill to find his true calling.might be dating in 2017.

He was also spotted with Morberg in Toronto, Canada while filming It.

He came out of nowhere, and is now plastered all over the news, with It making him most famous!

Bill Skarsgård was born on August 9, 1990, in Vallingby, Sweden to Stellan Skarsgård and My Sonja Marie Agnes, making his age 27.

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