Dating a music man amp

The last time I saw her was on a work trip in June of 2013.I convinced my sales manager at the time that we should drive from Chicago to Detroit to see my customer – and see my family.

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People list their “dream” values on EBay all the time hoping to catch the right buyer at the right time.

Good luck and we hope you get the most for your amp!

In life I often find myself wanting to say or do something then hemming and hawing until I’ve missed my window.

In 2012 I adopted this as my mantra and I had postcards made up so I could hang them everywhere as a reminder: She didn’t care for TV (except for Oprah, she just loved Oprah) but she was amazed by the career Derek and I both chose.

Roma could take a joke (like the time we dyed her then white hair red…to discover we used too much and it came out fire engine red! In college my mom and I would have “girls trips” and spend a week in October with her appreciating Michigan foliage and exploring the Midwest. Her life mantra was “You might not pass by this way again” – which could justify anything from a quick stop at a yard sale or a radical life decision.

No matter what the circumstance you could sum up your next move with “you might not pass this way again” – so why not do it?! We’d take one road to go someplace and come home a totally different way – missing the cute coffee shop or some great sunset over an open field.

When we got there she was in the hospital and I remember being struck by the juxtaposition of her frail body and her sharp mind.

She wanted to know if there was a boy in my life (there wasn’t and she was sad to hear this, LOL), how work was, how Mom/Dad/Derek were and more important what awesome things I had seen – because I might not pass this way again!

stencil on either side and the number 19 on top; and a closed-back bass reflex 'style' speaker cabinet in black tolex covering, metal plates stamped MUSIC MAN and logo in black and with 212-RH, One thirty in black, silver grille cloth, two 12-inch speakers, BOT'M stencilled on the back (4) This auction is now finished.

2100-130,front control style cabinet with black tolex covering, metal plate stamped MUSIC MAN and logo in black, silver grille cloth, black control panel with nine 'numbered' style rotary controls, four jack inputs, two rocker switches and red pilot lamp, (fuse cap missing), 117V, US plug; and SPEAKER CABINETS: a closed-back speaker cabinet in black tolex covering, metal plates stamped MUSIC MAN and logo in black and with 412-GS in black, silver grille cloth, four 12-inch speakers, TOP stencilled on the back; and a blue flight case with THE DUCK BROS.

With this in mind, Music Man developed a range of stylish bass amps.

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