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Right now, in the video above, you can get a first look at the trailer for the special, which promises shenanigans old and new, faces familiar and strange.

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In cooperation with the audience, it remained under wraps.

But now it is finally time to rejoice, as this loving, disturbing tribute to Tim and Eric’s enduring friendship and comedy is ready to be unleashed on all the Chippys and pep-peps out there!

The whole thing could have been treated like a giant joke in itself.

However, the duo goes down a remarkably safe direction, but it is incredibly gratifying to the audience.

So, what was it like for the duo to dust off their iconic franchise, wheel out of the garage and take it for a spin again? “We put on our spandex pants and they were a little more snug than they were 10 years ago, but we had the juice to keep those dance moves going,” Wareheim tells EW. We wanted to give this present back to our fans for supporting us and allowing us to do all these other shows.

Last week, EW brought you the first clip from the special, and it involved a catchy tune about tiny Lamborghinis by the Ghini Guys.

It might be ten years since this absurd experiment has started, but it literally feels like this could have been filmed a week after “Season Cinco” was over.

I think most of Tim and Eric’s audience would have been perfectly fine if this special was simply a collection of chaos with no narrative holding it together.

But then you stumble upon this surreal explosion of color and awkwardness. Through the years, Tim and Eric’s storytelling has evolved, whether it’s on the spin-off Check It Out! Steve Brule, their nihilistic anthology series, Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories, or on their separate endeavors, but they’ve never felt that removed from their Awesome Show universe.

The duo has kept busy with regular Tim and Eric tours through the years.

“Spagett is living in the new era, just like we are 10 years later,” teases Wareheim, “You have to adapt and he has to make his spooks even scarier, and he has to spook in even more awkward places. There’s a lot of cross-pollination going on with different fold, and he would like to get hands-on with you — or at least would like you to get that way with yourself.

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