Marijuana and dating

Vermont will become the latest state to allow the possession of marijuana for recreational purposes under a new measure signed into law Monday by Gov. The measure brings the number of states where recreational marijuana is legal to seven.

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Murphys predecessor, Chris Christie, a Republican, kept tight limits on the drug, including on which conditions could qualify for prescriptions. Multiple bills currently pending on the Hill would defund or eliminate many federal civil forfeiture programs. Tim Walz (D-Minn.), Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said VAs ability to research medical marijuana is hampered by the fact that the drug is illegal federally.

This notorious power enables law enforcement to permanently confiscate cash, cars, real estate and other valuable property without ever charging the owner with a crime. -- Yesterday, Representatives Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna introduced a house bill aimed to reform federal cannabis laws and foster healing in communities that prohibition has hurt most. Shulkins letter came in response to an inquiry by 10 Democrats on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

Yet its worth noting that the city doesnt seem to have gotten much smellier in the new year, after the recreational use of marijuana became legal in California under a law approved by voters in 2016.

Well, obviously: because nobody smokes marijuana anymore. Or eating, drinking, sipping, dabbing, sucking on lozenges, chewing on gum, applying unguents or administering a drop or two of a cannabis-infused tincture under ones tongue, where it is absorbed into the sublingual artery, within minutes producing an invisible, odorless, private high.

Vermonts new law comes only weeks after Attorney General Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidance limiting federal interference with state marijuana programs.

Whether Sessions likes it or not, the federal government cannot prevent states from legalizing marijuana.

USA -- This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions paused a discussion of the opioid epidemic to, once again, go after marijuana.

He suggested that addictive pain medication wasnt the only problem and that many heroin addicts start out with marijuana and other drugs. -- At a Heritage Foundation event celebrating Ronald Reagans birthday this week, Jeff Sessions made a familiar argument: Easy access to marijuana is helping fuel the opioid epidemic.

Even if he could stop them, it would be bad policy and bad politics.

California -- The streets of San Francisco have always smelled of marijuana.

Actually, less remarkable than a drink, because everyone knows that alcohol is bad for you (kills your stem cells, gives you cancer, makes you grouchy, paunchy, gray), whereas, increasingly, the industry is equating conscious marijuana use with sublime good health.

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