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Iconic Apex will feature over 70 pieces by Thorne, including a bespoke mask created for Madonna, numerous pieces featured in Steven Klein’s Brooke Candy video Opulence, and a series of 18 pieces created for the Park Avenue Armory, inspired by architectural details of the building.

Also on display will be a large piece created for the HBO series High Maintenance. 10, Derech, debuting that night) which features Thorne as a lead character, will take place at the opening reception at 11p.

All attendees will be able to stay after the toons for the venue's super groovy monthly all-night-long party, also Valentine's themed, at no extra charge.

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This is our first ever Blackest Wrench, with a cast made up entirely of People of Color, as this is our first year having enough POC representation to do so. We're bringing you a Brazilian Carnaval party to cure all your winter problems.

We're doing this in honor of Black History month. Featuring samba de roda, capoeira, maculele, live percussion, and a special performance at 1030p by Fogo Azul, NYC's all-women Brazilian drumline.

With your DJ and hostess Baby K Love and friends (with benefits). Bring your lovers bring your friends and frolic on the dance floor, we will provide the bass.

Plus Tommy Jose Stathes Cartoon Carnival and projections by the Sperm Whale, Myke Flaherty's pucker up Art Hole, and Blue June of Magick Talismans Tarot. This is a music party that is focused on live PA acts. Artists create beats and baselines using drum machines and synthesizers and perform the music to a live audience. These artists bring the energy of electronic dance music while providing the immediacy of live performance.

The Rat’s not complete without the funny, clever, eccentric work of Bill Chambers.

A horrifying parody of an Apple tech expo, the tale of Vincenzo the Chain-Smoking Monkey, re-animating a “dead” Teddy Ruxpin a la Mary Shelly -- expect the unexpected.

DJs: Faith in the Glitch, Annakickarse, Remniqe, and Keith Myers. Special live performance by Strangers on the Internet. Dress code: shiny, bright colors, anything sweet or candy-themed. You don't wear party clothes to an office, don't wear office clothes to this party.

Now in its fifth year, Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret features an inspired, curated monthly roster of thrilling music, smart comedy, amazing dance, clever storytelling, sexy burlesque, art, and theatrical vaudeville spectacle. Tonight: Pianist, comedian, choral singer, mathematician, entertainer David Bell brings a bit of Cole Porter sparkle to the Rat, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Check out rising stars and famous comedians working their newest material at one of the coolest secret spots in NYC. Flip Cupid the bird and celebrate singledom with all the other lonelyhearts at the Skint's Third Annual Anti-Valentine's Party. We wanted to make a comedy evening we would love to attend.


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