Intimidatingly pretty

Pebble Beach is well-known for a few things: excellent golf courses, stunning coastlines, and large-for-California mansions.

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As you continue from the Lone Cypress, you’ll see a sign for Ghost Tree.

This is a fabulous area to stop, as you can get lots of gorgeous snapshots of ice plants, rocky cliffs, and yes, the ghost-like tree.

When you pull up to the Lone Cypress, park by the wood railing and head towards the steps down the bluff.

You’ll find an excellent spot for photographs, and beautiful rocks down below.

Its high-end Hawaiian cuisine can be found nowhere else in this area.

As you continue from the Inn, you’ll find yourself cruising along white-sand beaches and crashing waves.Monterey is another great option, and has a cute downtown area itself.Pacific Grove might be your most inexpensive choice, but is less interesting.Once you enter the Inn, you’ll see a patio out back where you can wander through its pretty golf courses (the Links) right on the water.If you happen to be hungry, Roy’s is a great spot for a drink and snack.Famous for its stunning 17 mile drive, PB is a must-see for anyone traveling down California’s coast.


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