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" It was an hour or so later by the time I could get back to my landline at home and Joss made the decision to make me Dawn. Joss and Marti wrote me college recommendation letters.

And Joss told me in great secrecy at the time his SAT score was practically perfect, and I was so upset when I was just shy of perfect.

Looking back at the show, did you think people would hold it in such high regard 20 years later? Head: I remember the first time when we were doing the first half-hour presentation — because they wouldn't give us enough money to do a full pilot!

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Sutherland: Just like the portrayals of mothers' lives, in all their complexities, hadn’t traditionally been fleshed out, neither had those of teenagers. was ahead of its time in celebrating the right to be different and to be loved and valued for who you are, even if it's outside of the mainstream.

How did the show change the portrayal of women on television?

It was this dark burgundy red T-shirt that had witchy looking Aztec symbols on it with sparkles.

It was by this company called Fang and I was like, "It's Fang for, like, vampires!

It was a powerful combination and the right idea at the right time. Carpenter: It was a character that was an adolescent young woman assuming her destiny, and that's a powerful message. She made you think that if she could do all this then so could you. There was today can thank Joss Whedon and his brain for that.

Fury: Joss saw that there was a need for this feminist heroine at the time.

Sutherland: It was very moving for me to play a single mom.

My own mother was a single mother, and I watched her struggle with that role at a time when it wasn’t socially acceptable to be divorced.

Strong: I had one line in the unaired presentation!

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