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Album today has become gold, and Patrick starts a new tour to France and Belgium in March 2003.

Born to an Armenian, Jacques Chouchayan, and a Corsican, Marie-Antoinette Fiori, he began to sing very early.

At the same time, Patrick was the second child in a family of five children.

Patrick fiori julie zenatti dating

Inspired by the success in 1995, he released a second album ' Le c?

Ur a l'envers', also begins to take part in television programs.

Julie Zenatti a passé hier, sa première Saint-Valen­tin de femme mariée.

La jolie chan­teuse de 35 ans a épousé son amou­reux de longue date, le comé­dien Benja­min Belle­cour, ce samedi 13 février.

Meanwhile, Patrick vypukaet single ' T'aime' pair, with the song ' Que tu reviennes'.

In early April 2000 the second album by Patrick ' Chrysalide', which for months has become a golden double.

Talent Patrick recognized specialists, he continues to take part in various competitions.

In 1992, in the Pyrenees in the 'les francophonies' wins with the song ' Au fil de l'eau'.. In 1993, Patrick participated in the fateful for him Eurovision Song Contest on May 13 in Dublin, Ireland, which represents France with the song Francois Valery and Marie France Briere ' Mama Corsica'.

In the year 191, in 12 years, Patrick, at the suggestion of Frank Fernandel, takes part in his first musical comedy ' La legende des Santonniers'.

Once Patrick is on the professional stage, he realizes that the music - his vocation.

Vous pensiez que Patrick Fiori utili­sait un nom de scène ? Contrai­re­ment à bon nombre d’ar­tistes français, le chan­teur n’a pas de pseu­do­nyme, et se nomme égale­ment ainsi à l’état civil.


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