Theories on dating

Theories have to be supported by research and they also provide a framework for how specific research should be conducted.By the way theories can be used to study society—millions of people in a state, country, or even at the world level.

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Authority is the institutionalized legitimate power. By far the Bourgeoisie wealthy elite (royalty, political, and corporate leaders) have the most power.

Bourgeoisie are the "Goliaths" in society who often bully their wishes into outcomes.

These include Conflict, Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Social Exchange Theories; second, Middle-Range Theories are theories derived from specific scientific findings and focuses on the interrelation of two or more concepts applied to a very specific social process or problem. Merton (1910-2003) was a functional theory-based sociologist who taught the value of using smaller more specifically precise theories in trying to explain smaller and more specific social phenomena.

These theories include: Continuity, Activity, Differential Association, and Labeling theories. A Macro theory is a sociological theory designed to study the larger social, global, and societal level of sociological phenomena.

Conflict theory is especially useful in understanding: war, wealth and poverty, the haves and the have nots, revolutions, political strife, exploitation, divorce, ghettos, discrimination and prejudice, domestic violence, rape, child abuse, slavery, and more conflict-related social phenomena.

Conflict theory claims that society is in a state of perpetual conflict and competition for limited resources.

It is a power struggle which is most often won by wealthy elite and lost by the common person of common means.

Power is the ability to get what one wants even in the presence of opposition.

The Proletariat are the common working class, lower class, and poor members of society.


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