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How can you continue to face all that you face, and still be as beautiful and strong as you are?

I listen to "Strawberry Letters" on your morning show, and I wonder: Why do you think women call you with their problems?

Because it's clear that some people are actually struggling to change, while others appear to be seeking a justification for their current situation. Well, I think people know I'm gonna give it to them straight.

You could have just picked one, but you cain't, because you triflin'."Steve Harvey has long been a successful comedian and radio personality, but his career really took off when he began dispensing no-holds-barred relationship advice. And women can't seem to get enough of Harvey's straight shooting, sending his first book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," onto the New York Times bestseller list and prompting his recent follow-up, "Straight Talk, No Chaser."Harvey is not without detractors, who point out the thrice-married comic relies on played-out gender stereotypes and places all the blame for bad relationships on women, while ensuring that men are left largely to their own devices.

But in a world where love advice comes from televised matchmakers who want to regulate everything from how you dress to how much curl to put in your hair, Harvey delivers his tart takes with charm.

And almost always, until he realizes what offended his woman, he pays the price.

[Read: Annoying girlfriend habits that men hate] Men don’t do that.Steve is going to give you his opinion -- his strong opinion -- and there's an outside chance that he might be right.And for the record, I am right 98 percent of the time.If that's not what you're about, let them at least have a level playing field. And if you don't like that, it's OK --men don't really buy books anyway.What I did with this book was, I slid a lot of conversations in for women to have with their men about some key issues.Now before you try changing yourself for his sake, you should know that men may whine a lot about women and their behavior.

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