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If you think about it from a logical perspective if you're on a dating site looking for local women the first thing you're going to do is do a quick search and then from there you're going to go look at the photographs. If you take a look at the image below you will see just a sample of the women on the site. Do you really think that attractive women like these would be posting nude photos of themselves on a web site called Meet are we getting emails from women when our profile is empty, without one single photo? Logic would tell that it would make no sense to a married women to upload nude images to a dating site for married people.This scam is used on countless dating sites that we have exposed and this website is no different.

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These songs, these artists, mean as much to use as the music that pulsated along with our puberty hormones. Most songs I listen to came out well before I was born." I spend as much time on Spotify filling in the gaps of bands I missed the first time around, Humble Pie to Husker Du, as I do jamming to the new Bat Fangs and Ty Segall albums.

He admits to loving "Born to Run, though he was born eight years after the song was released. But those songs from my early teen years..remain as vital, graphic, and memorable as cherished books, whose soft covers and tatty, dog-eared pages I turn again and again and again, relearning—reliving—the confounding lessons and mysteries enacted every moment around me in home and school hallways, back seats of cars, and as I tuned in to the radio alone in my room.

Men however seem to look past the obvious and don't see the big red flag.

These images are not photos of actual members of the site.

I realised how important it is to vote and how simple it is now. One Billion Votes has made it possible to register to vote online and it only takes five minutes.

I love Seth Stephens-Davidowitz's column in today's New York Times, which basically proves with Big Data what we've known all along: a song gets in us when we're in our early teens and, like ink, saturates and tattoos us in a way we can't rub off."On average, their favorite songs came out when they were 13.The most important period for women were the ages 11 to 14." ...Something we should point out is that our dating profile is completely empty, this includes no images and minimal information.The reason we created a profile that has very little information and no images is because it's much easier for us to claim that this site is indeed a fraud.At that age, songs tell us what we didn't know we knew, or didn't yet want to know, and score the baffling, dimly-glimpsed lessons we learn just about every day: about love; arousal; heartache; friendships; meanness; injustices of all stripes.

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