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Modern Egypt is the most populous and most advanced of the Arab nations.

Traditionally allied with the Arab cause, it is the seat of the League of Arab States.

Are Black Americans welcomed in the expat community?

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Egyptian Americans are among the more recent groups to have immigrated to the United States.

Unlike other peoples of Arab descent who settled in the Americas in large numbers as early as the mid-nineteenth century, the Egyptians, regarded as one of the most sedentary ethnic groups, began to emigrate in significant numbers only during the latter part of the twentieth century.

Under Nasser's leadership, in 1962, the newly established national charter limited the amount of land held by farm owners to 100 acres.

The remaining land was confiscated by the government, divided into plots, and awarded to the middle and lower classes.

The majority of people in Egypt are Muslim, although some Egyptians belong to the Coptic Church and practice Christianity and an even smaller percentage are Jews.

Ancient Egypt was the cradle of Western Civilization. C., people had come together and formed organized societies. C., the pharaoh Menes had united the peoples of the Nile delta with those living southward along the river into a single empire.This land was worked by the fellahin, who wielded two to three crops each season, usually keeping one-fourth to one-half of the harvest for themselves.Agricultural reform did not take place until the latter half of the nineteenth century, when Egyptians began to grow cotton in an attempt to establish a market economy rather than simply growing food products.Situated in northeast Africa, Egypt (known since 1971 as the Arab Republic of Egypt) occupies an area of 390,000 square miles (1,010,100 sq. With 90 percent of the land covered by desert, only a small portion of it, about 14,000 square miles, is arable, and it is here that the majority of Egyptians live.Egypt is bordered by Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the east, the Sudan to the south, Libya to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.The past three decades have witnessed unprecedented movements of large Egyptian populations not only to the United States and Canada but also to Australia, Europe, and the Gulf Arab countries.


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