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Tantric massage is often confused with erotic massage.

Awakens vital forces by activating personal potential.

Tantric massage, through a sensual touch, stimulates sexual energy in order to use it as a fuel for the transformation and awakening of the body, heart and mind.

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That is why it is so important for us to let our customer know what they can expect and choose the services they need.

Tantric massage is a deep practice of working with physical and energetic bodies.

We want to continually expand our awareness and support others on the path to conscious life, which also includes conscious sexuality.

We dream of the world full of love, mutual trust, in which people are aware, brave, walk the path of heart, express their authenticity, express their sexuality, are deeply connected with nature and feel the unity with all beings.

We deeply respect sexual energy and the human body.

We work in the spirit of temple sexuality from the time of matriarchy, so it is very important for us to spread the idea of ​​sexuality as a sacred zone.

What reviewers didn’t mention was that the Eberles had been called “the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States” by Sgt. ” – Mc Martin Preschool Story – from Interview of Jackie Mac Gauley, mother of one of the Mc Martin Preschool children Do you have any proof and references that the children at Mc Martin were abused? The most compelling proof was living with my daughter and dealing with all of her revelations and fears. The jury very clearly stated that the prosecution did not prove their case. Women reporting ritualistic features scored significantly higher on measures of childhood sexual and physical abuse.

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