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And if you’re looking to meet 35 year old women, there sure are a lot of them in any big city.But keep in mind, Christian Mingle is a niche dating site, which generally means a bit smaller user pool.

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Click here for some tips on how to get your Millionaire Match profile to stand out in the crowd.

You can download the Millionaire Match dating app here: If you practice Christianity or were at least raised in a Christian home, Christian Mingle is certainly worth checking out.

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But yes, you generally should be a Christian to join this site.

Sometimes it’s okay to skirt the truth about certain things on a dating profile, but joining a faith-based dating site when you don’t have any strong ties to that faith is probably not the best idea.

Plus, the monthly fee weeds out singles who aren’t all that serious about actually going on in-person dates to find the right relationship.

If you’re a busy guy with a career that takes up most of your time, that’s important.

If you actually a millionaire, going through the verification process is worth the hassle.


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