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*3 Iowa removed all decals from its football helmets for the 1991 game at Ohio State, in recognition of the victims of a campus shooting; and again during the December 29, 1996 appearance in the Alamo Bowl vs Texas Tech, as a tribute to the family of one of the team's members, who were involved in a fatal traffic accident while en route to the game.

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*3 The decal on this helmet represents the Maryland state flag. The red helmet with black stripes was used during at least game number 9 against Virginia.

This design was used in 1967 during at least games number 2, 3, and 7 against Syracuse, N. *4 For one home game each in 20 (vs Virginia Tech and Florida State, respectively) Maryland altered its helmet design by using a military camouflage pattern within the logo (and within the middle stripe on the 2009 helmet).

The "ANF" decals were used again for all but one game during the period 2009-2011, but these were much smaller than those used during the earlier period.

They were not worn during the September 25, 2010 game vs Ball State, when Iowa wore a "throwback" helmet design.

I have received a single, poor-quality photograph from the 1969 season which suggests that Illinois used a version of the "100" decal (recognizing the 100th anniversary of the first college football game) on the back of its helmets that year - the colors within the decal cannot be determined.

Otherwise, I believe these are all of the different helmet designs used by Illinois during the period covered by this site (1960 to present), though it is possible that some others were used during the very early 1960s., and there it was, and so I guess I’m telling you “Keep It Clean” is on Slipshine now where members can read it.The first page is to the left, and it’s a pretty good introduction to the following thirteen pages.*8 During at least some games in 1969 Indiana's helmets were adorned with the college football centennial "100" logo; the logo was worn on the back of the helmet, towards the bottom (photo below from Purdue's 1970 yearbook showing the Indiana helmet). An unconfirmed report has been received indicating that Iowa used a version of the "100" decal in 1969 (supposedly white numerals with red outlines on a blue football-shape), but these are not visible in any of the several photographs that I have showing Iowa helmets during the 1969 season.If that report was inaccurate, then there are apparently all of the historical helmet designs for Iowa for the period covered by this web site (1960 to present).*1 In all the color pictures that I have seen showing this helmet design, the terrapin appears to be primarily yellow, but I think it is possible that a mostly brown or perhaps red version may have also been used briefly (some photographs that I have seen seem to indicate a darker-colored terrapin).

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