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The trick is in sifting out the diamonds from the ruffians!

Since the subject was already “on the table,” I felt fine talking about it, too. The first person to initiate contact will, in all likelihood, be the pursuer for the duration of the relationship, including marriage. In many of my past relationships I was the initiator.

But I often ended up in relationships with men who didn’t court me because, simply, they didn’t like me all that much. acting this way (if they did, of course, there wouldn’t be a show).

In fact, I brought the subject up right before we got into the sack. Remember, if you’ve followed these guidelines, marriage will already be “on the table,” so it won’t sound like you’ve suddenly started speaking Swahili when raising the subject. But every couple of months, I’d bring up the subject of marriage again.

One romantic night when things were getting steamy, I gently put on the brakes by mouthing the exact words Pat Allen suggested I use: “Is this an exclusive, committed relationship? I’m not ready to make love with you or anyone else until it is.” It wasn’t a threat so I didn’t say it that way. I simply asked him when he was planning to propose.

My husband, on the other hand, is still the pursuer today. But I figured that the fastest way to find your mate online is by dating a lot of people.

The only way to date many people simultaneously and not lose your mind is by not getting physical with anyone.When dating online, especially, finding a mate is a numbers game.By dating several men at once, I met more men more quickly and, being able to compare them to each other, I felt more sure I’d met the right guy when I did.Many women toss out great prospects because they aren’t swept off their feet instantly.Remember that men who sweep you off your feet right away might be a little too practiced in the art.Granted, this is a lot easier when you’re confident your boyfriend is in love with you, and all the previous guidelines help in this regard.


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