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It owns 45 % of Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile telecommunications company in the USA by number of subscribers.

The name stems from “voice – data – fone.” Vodafone is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company in terms of revenues and the world’s second-largest by number of subscribers (behind China Mobile), with around 332 million subscribers by 30 September 2010.

Vodafone operates networks in over 30 countries and has partner networks in over 40 other countries.

Orange France was incorporated in 2005 and has its headquarters in Arcueil, France.

Microtel Communications Ltd was formed in April 1990 as a consortium comprising Pactel Corp, British Aerospace (BAe), Millicom and the French company Matra.

lol..i would like to say being an IAS your one sign will be worth around 50 lakhs moreover if you have some talent than within 20 years you can earn up to 1000 crore that u can’t even imagine with The country needs honest people as their leaders who will direct the country with their integrity and values.

They Are Not Such Type Of Politician As You said As I Know , Shri Nitish Kumar is An Electrical Engineer, Shri Modi Is Also an Engineer, And Shri Advani Was A Lawyer By Occu. I read from someone’s post that there is less money in IAS than I wish you all the best for your IAS preparation and may you do well in your examination.

It is the seventh largest telecom operator in the world, with over 189 million customers in 2009.

The brand was created in 1994 for Hutchison Telecom’s UK mobile phone network, which was acquired by France Télécom in August 2000.

Based in Germany, T-Mobile operates in other European countries as well as in the USA.

T-Mobile is the largest mobile phone operator in Germany, its home market, closely followed by its chief rival Vodafone.

What u get is some components , design and develop and ya u get ur weekends , go be a happy guy witha wife n few kids . @ mohit chaudhary …it’s not about ruling the country…u dont become ias or ips to rule d nation. this thinking of students wanting to become a ruler nd live wid all the comforts is taking this country to hall.up guys.


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  2. We get so wrapped up in thinking about what we want for ourselves that we forget we are dealing with another human person – and image and likeness of God. “But the rapid-fire nature of Tinder's 'scan and swipe' makes it easy to turn many, many human persons into commodities in a short period of time.

  3. You see men aren’t schooled in this department of life.

  4. As guessed in the second part of your question, the passwords cannot logically match unless they are the same length, so waiting to validate after they are the same length, and doing so immediately, gives the user a chance to enter the password a second time without being unnecessarily obtrusive.

  5. These Epochs are defined by the number of impact craters on the ground surface; older surfaces have more craters.

  6. Martin returned to the Isle of Man at age 16; overhearing lorry driver and amateur racer Baz Kirk discussing his plans to race in the 1997 Manx Grand Prix with his father, he was offered the chance to assist him as a race mechanic. In 2004 he moved to the Uel Duncan Racing team, staying with them until 2005.

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