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Your application cannot be accepted online as the department has not been able to identify you As part of submitting an online application, we attempt to identify you against our records.If you receive this message, your details are not being recognised.This will generate an email to be sent to the registered email address for the Immi Account to regain access to the account.

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You will not be able to complete this application online until we are able to resolve this particular status.

Our records indicate that this applicant already has an in progress application Our records indicate you have already lodged an application or have an un-finalised event from a previous application.

Invalid session token on request or System is currently unavailable This error message can indicate a problem with your browser session.

If you are getting this message, clear your internet browser history and try again.

I have forgotten my Immi Account secret questions and answers If you cannot remember the answers to your secret questions, you can contact the Europe, Americas or Sydney service centres to have your password reset. My email address has changed since I registered for an Immi Account You can click ‘Manage Account’ within Immi Account to edit your email address.

I submitted an application more than 24 hours ago and I have not received an acknowledgement letter If you submitted and paid for a visa or citizenship application but did not receive an acknowledgement letter and the application status is ‘Submitted’ contact us as the application may have failed to lodge into our processing system.

Each internet browser will have different instructions and options for doing this.

You will, generally need to delete all of the following: You might need to do this a number of times. We are sorry, the expected page cannot currently be displayed.

Our records indicate that you are unable to complete an application for this visa online You will not be able to complete your application online but might be able to apply using a paper application.


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