Icelandic women for dating

When I spotted my new group right away I took this as a good start to my date and headed over. I spent the evening talking with some wonderful ladies who I really connected with.

Finally I had one of those successful dates where you spend the night talking and laughing away.

Standing in the doorway looking around the room trying to match the face to the picture is beyond awkward in either situations. So the night goes on sharing small talk with a good mix of uncomfortable pauses. One classmate in particular had a similar story to mine so I thought perfect, here is someone who can totally relate to me.

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We were all foreigners living here in Iceland so I was really excited to meet them all and learn more about them.

As I entered the crowded café attempting to match the faces to the Facebook profiles I was crossing my fingers that this would not be another bad dating experience.

So that was how my night went, listening to family talk and inside jokes. Date 4: I love to read so I figured, why not join a book club?

I found a group of ladies on Facebook that were also interested in starting a book club so we planned a time to meet.

Date 3: There is a pub quiz that I have always wanted to attend and after being here for two months I finally had the evening free to join in.

A woman had been in contact with me asking me to join their team and she sounded really friendly and excited to meet me.

Ummm yeah basically our friendship did not continue and I left that date with a need for a stiff drink.

Date 2: I have played volleyball since I was a little girl so when I moved to Iceland I thought joining a volleyball team would be a great way to meet people.

I knew my future bff wasn’t on this team though when someone was trying to get my attention in Icelandic (they must of missed the I only speak English announcements) and when I didn’t respond they decided to throw a ball at me.

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