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He kinda get's off apparently on walking around naked. I'd have to do a lot more research with my mouth and hands to be sure.But based on what I see, read, and fantasize about here - I'm going to have to go with Chris Pine's big meat.I'm not saying I'd turn down the chance to suck Chris Pine's big schlong - but there may be some red flags there that would make it a one-off event - just to remember fondly and wank-off to in my golden years. What do ya say - it'll be like Saturday night at The Rusty Anchor again?

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While OP has mentioned the Hammaconda, I think we have to give that big one-eyed snake its due.

It's shown up in too many photos, to be a wrinkle in his pants, something in his pocket, or a trick of the light. An ex-boyfriend of mine had an average size penis like me when flaccid but his became huge when erect, thick and just under10 inches.

Unless, you're a necrophiliac - and again, we're not here to judge you - the living/dead thing goes without saying...

Also OP implied he was looking for more updated info so these discussions don't also evolve into discussion about Frank Sinatra, Forrest Tucker, and Milton Berle If we don't research this stuff, we may find that toxins in the environment are shrinking mens dicks..then this should be a top National Security Concern...

I mean, it would be sad if our biggest Hollywood cock died with Forrest Tucker.

Somewhere I heard that Chris Isaak was well-hung but I also heard something about he has chronic bad breath too.But I've got to say he looks good for his age based on pix I remember seeing. His feet are great too, at least size 11No, R84, I was joking.BTW, it's not like I've never said - hey, don't talk, this is too special - either.^^ Warren Beatty's cock has been described as average/slightly above average. Iw headless, butthe next picture was of Chris sitting on the same couch wearing workout clothes and flip flops, the same flip flops as the cock shot. Chris and Zachary have worked together on Star Trek and appear to socialize together.Nothing impressive soft and i don't have much of a visible bulge..that can quickly change That's true for me too, R112.In all honesty, the best sex I've had hasn't been directly related to dick size.


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  2. Online Dating has been a popular way of meeting new friends and potential partners but for many, in the light of the recent bad publicity it has attracted, it may well now be considered too risky, too public or just not for you.

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  4. And so comparisons between modern marital relationships and those of an ancient near eastern culture should always be approached with caution and with attentiveness to context.

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