Who is tamron hall dating in 2016

Tamron's name was even linked with late American Singer Prince.Tamron Hall was a member of NBC News for over eight years now, rising from MSNBC anchor to co-host of the Today Show‘s third hour.

She said that the person who inspired her a lot was her step father, Clarence Newton Sr.

He came into her life when their parents were divorced at the age of 8.

Tamron Hall was born on the 16th of September, 1970, in the town of Luling, Texas.

She was brought up by her mother, Mary Newton, and her stepfather. Her stepfather was caring, loving, and kind to her.

On September 27, 2010, O' Donnell got his own show ' The Last Word with Lawrence O' Donnell'.

Since then, he has been hosting this show and has also contributed many shows.

She then moved to KTVT in Dallas, Texas and worked there from 1997 to 2007. Since she was a Chicago resident, she often most reported on Chicago’s political issues.

She also worked with MSNBC as their general reporter and fill-in anchor.

Hall, with her team, tries to go deeper in order to uncover and understand how these crimes takes place.

Tamron said that the show is dedicated to her elder sister who died in 2004 and the incident was concluded to be a homicide, but was never resolved.

These days, her name has been often linked with Lawerence O' Donnell. Tamron is unmarried and does not have a husband till now. Despite their age differences, their bond is going stronger day by day.


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