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Did we not, first, bring you to birth, and was it not through us that your father married your mother and begat you?We have given you birth, nutured you, educated you, we have given you and all other citizens a share of all the good things we could.This reverence gives rise to the virtue of patriotism.

But if patriotism becomes nationalism, which leads you to look at other people, at other countries, with indifference, with scorn, without Christian charity and justice, then it is a sin.

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I, for one, take patriotism to be a virtue, not least of all because of the word’s etymological roots in the Latin , in its broad diversity and wide scope, instills in us values, spiritual principles, and cultural identity.

Even when we reflexively critique these values, prinicples, and identity, they nevertheless serve to orient and provide us with a basis for such a critique.There are also articles directed toward helping men, including “Should I Post Topless Pics On My Online Dating Profile?” and “Don’t Message Me If…” You’re sure to get a kick out of browsing through this site.It is a love which extends also to the works of our compatriots and the fruits of their genius.Every danger that threatens the overall good of our native land becomes an occasion to demonstrate this love…I belive that the same could be said of every country and every nation in Europe and throughout the world.(Whereas nationalism involves recognizing and pursuing the good of one’s own nation alone, without regard for the rights of others, patriotism, on the other hand, is a love for one’s native land that accords rights to all other nations equal to those claimed for one’s own.

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