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Any attempt to offer another day will likely be shot down.If she replies to your first date suggestion with a variant of “I’m not sure yet, let’s see.” The girl sees you as an inferior option and is hoping a better alternative will come along.In my experience, this is a “no” nearly 100% of the time (in fact it has only happened to me once where a date proceeded with such a reply).

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If you consider that the first date is essentially a job interview, where both parties do their best to display their most positive attributes, a woman who exhibits the above behaviors before it can even take place is simply not serious about getting the job.

Save your time, save your energy, and move on to another applicant instead.

There are of course exceptions, but they are so few coming that you must stroke the eject lever when encountering these warning signs.

It’s especially important never to comply with girls who behave in a masculine manner by trying to make the plans or change important details that suggest you are not important to her.

There is absolutely no valid reason for the girl to veto your first date suggestion and try to call the shots by suggesting her own venue.

You stain yourself as a compliant beta if you agree to her changes. If she attempts to change the first date to an earlier time.

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On I find I can be myself through the messages and get to know a girl before we meet.

Maybe another time.” Never let a girl leave you hanging as if you’re some puppy dog waiting for its master to return home.

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