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She is an outstanding physician, listens to your concerns, takes them seriously, is not at all dismissive or arrogant. Just like the other comments, Dr Berezowskj is an amazing Dr and I am happy that my care is in her hands. She is a great listenter, very caring, and very knowledgable. Berezowskyj is kind, patient, considerate and through.

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“Memories in the Making” Established in 1961, the Temple City store is the original California Mama Petrillo’s restaurant created by son Angelo Petrillo and his wife Jean.

The couple continued to work together making pizzas until 1982 when they retired and turned over the reins to their eldest son John who continues to run it today.

Expect a brilliant camping holiday at one of the finest campsites in Devon.

You may have difficulty becoming her patient, however, as I think she is fully booked. She is patient, kind, a good listener and takes all issues seriously. She takes your concerns seriously and will always refer you to a specialist if there is any possibility of a more serious problem. If there is a concern, she will do her due diligence and send you to an specialist, or order tests.

She's been happy to refer me to specialists when warranted, which has made a huge difference the quality of care I've received in the last couple of years.

She is knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and her bedside manner is outstanding.Wayne has been a part of the Mama Petrillo’s dining experience for nine years.He’s a full time professional magician who has performed at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and entertained the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers, as well as appeared at the Los Angeles County Fair.In 1903 the young couple seizes the opportunity and makes their way to America. Could the renowned quote on the base of Lady Liberty have been a deciding factor?After all, where better to start an authentic Italian pizzeria that a city with the promise of “hungry huddled masses”!In order to preserve this quality and freshness, delivery is not available.

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