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Le Mond missed standing on the podium with race winner Hinault, as Pascal Simon had finished ahead of him.

but he continues to campaign publicly against doping and ineffective leadership by the UCI, the International Federation for Cycling.

In December 2012, Le Mond even articulated a willingness to replace the UCI president on an interim basis if called to do so.

Le Mond was born in Lakewood, California, In 1986, Le Mond became the first non-European professional cyclist to win the Tour de France, and he remains the only American cyclist to have won the Tour.

Le Mond was accidentally shot with multiple pellets while hunting in 1987 and missed the next two Tours. He was inducted into the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame in 1996.

The pace Roche could put out by himself eventually slowed, and other riders came up to join the two men.

Hinault recovered as well, though he did not regain the lead group.

The following year he was brought across to La Vie Claire to ride in support of team captain Bernard Hinault who had regained his form and was attempting to win his fifth Tour.

In the race Hinault led through the early mountain stages, but suffered a crash and came into difficulty.

In the men's road race competition Le Mond broke for the line but was out-sprinted by Italian Giuseppe Saronni. Boyer was the only man up the road.""Boyer really did a good ride.

Bronze medalist Sean Kelly, a favorite to win the race, was with Saronni when he caught Le Mond with about 200 meters to go, but he could not hold his wheel. He made a good move, but a move like that has about a five-percent chance of making it...

Guimard said he was impressed with Le Mond's spirit, and told him, "You have the fire to be a great champion," before offering him a professional contract for 1981 with Renault.


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