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Prime Minister Chang attempted to hold the tenuous coalition together by reshuffling cabinet positions three times within five months.

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As such, he was one of the most powerful and influential figures in the military.

On 25 April 1960, Syngman Rhee, the authoritarian inaugural President of South Korea, was forced out of office and into exile following the April 19 Movement, a student-led uprising.

After surviving several previous attempts, including two operations associated with North Korea, Park was assassinated on 26 October 1979 by his close friend Kim Jae-gyu, the director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, at a safe house in Seoul.

Kim also killed Cha Ji-chul, chief of the Presidential Security Service.

It remains unclear today whether the assassination was spontaneous or premeditated and the motivations of Kim Jae-gyu are still debated.

Economic growth continued after Park's death and the country eventually democratized; later presidents included people arrested under Park's regime.

Arrested by soldiers under Army Chief of Staff Jeong Seung-hwa, Kim and his co-conspirators were tortured, tried and executed while Prime Minister Choi Kyu-hah became acting president, pursuant to Article 48 of the Yushin Constitution.

Major General Chun Doo-hwan quickly amassed sweeping powers after his Defense Security Command was charged with investigating the unexpected assassination, first taking control of the military and the KCIA before installing another military junta and finally assuming the presidency in 1980.

Extremely intelligent, egotistic and ambitious, Park's hero from his boyhood on was Napoleon, and he frequently expressed much disgust that he had to grow up in the poor and backward countryside of Korea, a place that was not suitable for someone like himself.


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