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Although we’re led to believe we live in times of sexual liberation, contemporary human sexuality throbs with obvious, painful truths that must not be spoken aloud. Ever feel like the victim of a well-intentioned Inquisition? The conflict between what we’re may be the richest source of confusion, dissatisfaction, and unnecessary suffering of our time. Well, then, let the experts figure out what ails you, your partner, your relationship. This split-personality relationship with our true sexual nature is anything but news to entertainment corporations, who have long reflected the same fractured sensibility between public pronouncement and private desire. Religion, politics, and even science square off against biology and millions of years of evolved appetites. In the following pages, we reassess some of the most important science of our time.

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We shared a common ancestor with two of these apes—bonobos and chimps—just five million years ago. Readers with mental images of Sioux (Lakota) chiefs with eagle-feather war bonnets rippling in the wind should keep in mind that in the generations before first contact with whites, disease spread through many tribes and the arrival of horses brought severe cultural disruptions, leading to conflict between groups that had been at peace previously (see Brown, 1970/2001).25. By comparison, Chagnon’s total time among the Yanomami adds up to about five years.

Confronting the Sky Together– Everybody Out of the Closet– The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon Acknowledgments References and Suggested Further Reading Notes Index is one of the five surviving species of great apes, along with chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans (gibbons are considered a “lesser ape”). Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts, and show us what each one of us can do to set forth the coming of the day of universal peace. Not having examined these charges in detail, we have nothing to add to that discussion, limiting our critique to Changnon’s methodology and scholarship as it applies to Yanomami warfare.29.

Like bonobos and chimps, we are the randy descendents of hypersexual ancestors. This paper provides an evolutionary game theoretical model for the acceptance of leadership in cooperative groups. Only about 40,000 years ago did these two lines reunite, becoming a single pan-African population, according to this research. Readers interested in further exploration of the critique of Hobbesian assumptions regarding war in prehistory could begin with Fry (2009) and Ferguson (2000).5. You can find many other interesting presentations at this site. Regardless of whether or not she felt “nostalgia for the 1960s” (an emotion we didn’t detect in her book), de Waal admits her analysis “raises questions” that merit investigation.

At first blush, this may seem an overstatement, but it’s a truth that should have become common knowledge long ago. We propose that the effort of a leader can reduce the likelihood that cooperation fails due to free-riding or coordination errors, and that under some circumstances, individuals would prefer to cooperate in a group under the supervision of a leader who receives a share of the group's productivity than to work in an unsupervised group. Pinker’s talk was based upon an argument he presents in The Blank Slate (2002), particularly in the last few pages of the third chapter. You might want to search Sue Savage-Rumbaugh’s talks on bonobos, for example. These questions threaten to recast a great deal of data concerning chimpanzee social interactions—of great interest to de Waal, one of the world’s leading authorities on chimpanzee behavior and a man whose scholarship demonstrates deep respect for critical analysis.19.

Oriented toward medicine and business, American society has responded to this ongoing crisis by developing a marital-industrial complex of couples therapy, pharmaceutical hard-ons, sex-advice columnists, creepy father-daughter purity cults, and an endless stream of in-box come-ons (“Unleash your Love Monster! Yes, a few candles here, some crotchless panties there, toss a handful of rose petals on the bed and it’ll be just like the very first time! You say you love your spouse of a dozen years but don’t feel sexually attracted the way you used to? Maybe you two should try doing it on the kitchen floor. Similarly, Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Fox News Network and the nation’s leading conservative newspaper, was pulling in more porn money through a satellite company than Playboy made with its magazine, cable, and Internet businesses combined.

AT&T, also a supporter of conservative values, sells hard-core porn to over a million hotel rooms throughout the country via its Hot Network.

Every time someone tells me something like, “Non-monogamy is naive. That’s “the day before yesterday” in evolutionary terms. Readers interested in knowing more about the Yanomani might start with Good (1991).

Life’s not that simple.” I want to point them to this image showing just how unsimple non-monogamy is. Ex.– The Promise of Promiscuity– Bonobo Beginnings7. Making a Mess of Marriage, Mating, and Monogamy– Marriage: The “Fundamental Condition” of the Human Species? Paternity Certainty: The Crumbling Cornerstone of the Standard Narrative– Love, Lust, and Liberty at Lugu Lake– On the Inevitability of Patriarchy– The March of the Monogamous10. The fine print distinguishing humans from the other great apes is regarded as “wholly artificial” by most primatologists these days. Also, for an excellent review of this material, see Fagan (2004). This is a very personal and accessible account of his time living with them (and ultimately, taking a wife there).

Meanwhile, so-called traditional marriage appears to be under assault from all sides—as it collapses from within. Pig theft is a major cause of conflict.—The economy was based primarily on fishing, collecting shellfish, hunting, and gathering until the establishment of missions and the gradual introduction of market goods in the 1930s and 1940s. Furthermore, why did Pinker not include the tens of millions who died in some of the most vicious and deadly examples of twentieth-century warfare?


  1. On Saturday, crowds of women, their friends and families, will come to the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington, which intends to address issues of justice, health, economics and social concerns women and other marginalized communities continue to face.

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