Pregnant erotic woman

Now that Daniela has gone home, who is going to drink Estrella’s milk? In one of those bizarre twists of life, Estrella showed up with a stunning looking young woman who wanted to pose for some clothed shots for her personal use, and nothing more.

But she loved being in front of the camera so much, she just couldn’t help herself, and started doing a little strip-tease.

Pregnant erotic woman-42

Which is all the more humorous, given that in real life, Estrella just will not shut up. But as soon as it’s time to do a 3 sentence intro on video, she’s tongue tied. For example, this week’s video is about 9 minutes long – but the original capture file is over 40 minutes.

Basically, getting her videos produced is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, except worse.

Their sweet milky breasts are made exactly for you…

Watch the preview lactation video below and let me know what you think about this sweetie.

Her You Tube channel 'Sophie's Joy Breastfeeding Mama' amassed more than 25 million views.

Another parenting You Tube channel, 'Sophie's Joy Family Vlog', which had more than 4,000 subscribers and a million views.

When I first saw her fully dressed, I was pretty ho-hum about shooting her.

But she’s not at all shy, and she just whipped out a boob and showed me her stuff – sitting on the couch on the patio with the huge glass doors wide open. I think it’s interesting how the areola is quite small, but the nipple is huge.

Then it was time to use the breast pump and suck as much of that sweet booby liquid out of her as was possible. If you love milky breasts, then you’re in the right place! It doesn’t matter whether you love hot moms erotic lactation or teenage lactation, here you can find out tons of unique videos.


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