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Even in those places where nudity is needed, there should be exceptions for well-being and temperatures below 75F.


A comment on the Ask ANudist Facebook page had the opposite view:“I think rules need a positive intention to exist.

I see no reason to limit garments in any manner in a clothes elective scenario.

I was genuinely surprised the first time I went to an aanr associated club that had a lingerie party at night.

It still baffles me a bit and makes me think that people simply aren’t capable of living a regular life clothing free it must be some type of sexual expression because they just cannot separate the two in their heads.

We must not disregard our sexuality completely so in my own opinion there is a proper time and an improper time for it at a naturist resort and the same goes in a child’s development.

A Nuidst Garments Response on Ask This question also reminds me of among the group discussions at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival entitled “Is naturism overly conservative for mainstream America?

Nudist Garments – Lingerie dress is too sexy for naturists and naturism?

Now, are these places still considered naturist clubs?

But since society doesn’t yet give us this naked liberty, we’re stuck with our designated areas where we can go to be naked.

Some places are nudity-demanded, but even for ones which don’t label themselves clothing-optional, we all understand that sometimes people have to put on clothes. Is there clothing considered inappropriate for naturist places?

It would appear most clubs have rules on nudity, but not so much on clothing. Well, maybe you’ve been to one of the clubs that has lingerie parties.

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