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Sadly, lots of the links we put here to state gov’t webpages on rain water harvesting have been moved, or perhaps simply removed.

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Consider those states whose links have not changed to be the most reliable.

When I get time, I will try to update each state’s info.

Update; June 1, 2015: Some new information on Nevada.

Update; April 10, 2015: Its been over a year since the last post on this topic.

You can wear some of the weirdest things and be cool.

Erykah Badu is currently dating Jay Electronica and is currently dating Carl Jones.

' He said, 'You looked great.' He's always loved every curve on my body. I worked really hard because I wanted to appreciate being in a wedding gown again. But I didn't have a weight goal; I just wanted to look healthy.

In a rare spotting, Andre 3000 and his girlfriend Dominique Maldonado were spotted being all cutesy while eating ice cream on an afternoon stroll. A few nights ago, Andre hit the stage to present an award to A Tribe Called Quest at the 2016 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards. » EXCLUSIVE: Bow Wow Thinks He Has The Perfect Solution To Help You Shop For A New Boob Size» EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Here's Lifetime's Casting Requirements To Play Meghan Markle & Her Family In Upcoming 'Harry & Meghan' Movie » India Love - The Most Popular IG Model You Might Not Know - Released A Whole Rap Video And Black Twitter Is Black Twitter'ing» The Black Delegation Reminds Omarosa We're Not 'Her People' After She 'Resigned' From The White House (But Supposedly Was FIRED & DRAGGED Out!

Andre rocked an all black ensemble topped with a black brimmed hat. How Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington & SZA Are Rolling Into Black History Month » SWV’s Coko Clemons Divorces Husband After 15 Years Pilar Sanders & J.

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