Javascript function for validating radio buttons Freevideo sex

I have been wrapping this * in an HTML It also helps to group the required fields and the optional fields together if it makes sense in the context of the form.Often there are parts of the form that are dependant on other parts of the form.

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This one seems obvious, but all too often it is not clear which fields optional and which are not.

Using an asterisk * character next to the label is one of the clearest methods.

The sizing depends a bit on the context (mobile or not? It is likely these days that that someone is using your form on a touch device.

As an added benefit, if you specify a font size of 16 pixels for input sizes, i OS will not zoom in anymore when you tap a field, simply because it is not needed.

Historically radio buttons or checkboxes are customized using a Javascript library.

These days it is possible to do it purely using SVG or CSS.If the user typed Belgium as their country and they entered a phone number like 0495 20 12 12 you can assume it’s a cell phone number and store it as such.However, it is not always realistic to be liberal in your input.There is a trend in web design to show form labels only when a field is focussed. Apple has always recommended a minimum 44px by 44px space for buttons as this corresponds roughly to a finger size.This can be cool on a simple form like a username/password form, but for anything longer it is probably a bad idea. Especially in a long form a user will review the input he or she entered; when you can’t read which field corresponds to which label there is no way to do a good review. This is a good recommendation, although I find that if you are strict about this 44px size you will end up with a screen that is full of fields that feel too huge in a typical web application.For example, when you are expecting a zip code, don’t put a 100% width input on the screen.

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