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Looking through that we had a right laugh at what we looked like - it was quite funny!

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And even though George Weasley goes on to have a life, expanding Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, marrying his Quidditch teammate Angelina Johnson, and having a son named Fred and a daughter named Roxanne, you can't help but think his life would be totally empty without his second half.

So when I recently asked Oliver Phelps what George would be doing now at the premiere of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, his answer was absolutely perfect."I think he'd dive into the family business even more and try to make it even better in Fred's memory," he told

It's a pretty sobering sight to see."Some great directors have been involved in the series. Chris [Columbus] believed in us enough to say we should be Fred and George, There were other people it went through but he was the director. Alfonso [Cuaron] was a lot of fun to work with and he was the one who gave Fred and George their own identity - splitting up the lines and the funky costumes. ' Then David [Yates] just got us really…"James: "He made you think of the character from the inside-out. There's a scene in the last movie where the Weasley house gets set on fire and that was quite an emotionally-charged moment.

Mike Newell was possibly the funnest director I've ever worked with."Oliver: "The thing with Mike especially is that he told you exactly how it was. We were always acting like putting a shell over the top but he was about, 'What would you feel? I guess with Dave you learn all that kind of stuff as well."Do you think Jo Rowling will ever revisit this world?

"How big in scale was filming the Battle of Hogwarts?

James: "Huge."Oliver "It was like filming , especially when you see all these huge turrets just splattered on the floor and there's a big bell from the clock tower just chucked on the side. I think it would be quite heartbreaking if you were a very big fan and you turned up to see the set expecting to see Hogwarts in its glory and you [saw] this place, all wet and dreary. We can't speak highly enough of all of them because they're so great. ' It's in the fourth film when Fred and George have big beards and you could see Amanda, the head of make-up, just ripping her hair out thinking, 'No no no!

That was a bit surreal."The twins are very positive characters, as well - does that help when you're meeting fans?

Oliver: "Yes - we were in Paris and Tom [Felton] was with us and there was a part where this little lad came over, he must have been about 7 or so, with his mum.

It was absolutely hammering it down with rain as well and people had stayed out for all that time.

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