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Peer pressure only works if you let it, if you refuse to let it intimidate you it loses its power.The secret is to be assertive without becoming preachy or self-righteous.

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When I was faced with tough choices I never really had a lot of people to talk to.

Often I was embarrassed asking for advice on awkward stuff from my friends and family. Needless to say, from the first drink till now, I have experienced a lot.

The traits that put you at higher risk for falling in to the peer pressure trap include: Handling Peer Pressure How do you prepare to face peer pressure and win? Prepare a mental script of how you would like to deal with uncomfortable situations.

Script out the reaction you want to have in a given situation and play that script out in your head over and over again.

Stand your ground but refrain from standing on a soap box.

Remember, peer pressure can only win if you let it.That may seem pretty young but I grew up in Europe where the legal age was 16. If you ever need to talk about stuff or you have a question you’re burning to ask or if you just wanna share stories. ismc “Up until this year I was picked on a lot and it really brings down your self esteem.Kids don't think about how they're really affecting other people with their words and eventually the other kids' self esteem goes down and down and they start to believe what the bullies are saying.It’s getting involved, and sharing ideas about all kinds of subjects.” Hi I'm Adam.I joined this web site because I really appreciate what In Search of Me Cafe is trying to do.Know where you stand on key issues like sex, drugs and alcohol and do not allow anybody to make you deviate from your position.


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