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- If you were locked up in a room with a person from this room, whom would you choose and why?- Is there something about you (a habit, a trait, etc.) that irritates other people?

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What was the craziest thing that has happened to you in a mall? Act like you do not understand your language until your next turn (come up with your language). The idea is that our creative ideas are put into play the most.

Mention the most annoying experience in some shopping. In that sense, we publish here ideas for questions that can serve in this game.

Play as many naughty truth or dare games as possible, in one night. Do remember to make this a fun night for yourself and everyone else. All participants should be willing to play the game, else, dampened spirits may lead to hard feelings.

Looking for Crazy and Wild Truth or Dare Questions? This game of truth or dare can generate a lot of humor and jokes, but it is very important to understand that whoever plays must be very available and not very susceptible for any negative opinion you do and be honest to the questions submitted to it.

In fact, we sometimes completely forget about even enjoying a good evening spent playing truth or dare. It's just going to be you and your friends, basically having a ball of a time. Although it may seem like a good idea to jump to the truth questions, at times, a dare can really save you in the game.

Of course, since the game requires you to challenge yourself with risqué dares, you may need to trade softly.

Don't revert for 2 days.- Look angrily at every person who greets you for a day.- Send someone you know a message that says: I know what you did last summer.- If you're a guy, apply sticker eyelashes to your bike/car for a day and tell people you love this new look.- Call a friend in the middle of the night and tell him you just saw a spaceship.- Sit on a street and beg till you collect a set amount of money.- For half an hour, stand on the road and pretend as if you're talking to someone when you actually aren't.- Every time someone calls you, instead of saying hello, say 'you're gonna die' and hang up.- If you're a guy, paint your nails pink for a day.- If you're a girl, sport a fake mustache for an entire day and tell people you just thought of doing something - different.- Test drive an expensive car and pretend to suddenly go blind.- In a pub, tell someone you'll buy them a drink and if accepted, order for orange juice.

This party game will definitely entertain you and your friends.

- If you had 24 hours to live, what would you like to do? - With whom would you like to be marooned on an island and why? Also, mention other foods you'd like with the dinosaur.- Follow someone on the road till they freak out.- If you're a guy, carry a woman's bag for one minute on the main street.- If you're a girl, carry a board on the main street that says: Up for adoption!


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