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You can either have your eyes closed the whole while, or you can resist him mildly like a drunk girl would do! Or slather a bit of lotion or massage oil on him and move your hands all over him. ] On the other hand, take your clothes off and give your boyfriend a few edible body paints or water colors and ask him to use your body as a canvas.It’ll always be fun, and the sex in the shower that follows will be just as fun too!

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But just a word of caution, avoid showing your face on your webcam to protect your identity if you’re getting naked. Role playing is a game that’s definitely fun and sexy.

You can dress up as characters and try to force/convince each other to have sex.

For each right answer he gets, you get to kiss him wherever he wants you to.

For each wrong answer, you get to smack his butt or spank him with a stick.

This is a fun game to play with your boyfriend that can be hilarious and sexy too. Spell out words on his back and ask him to recognize it.

As he gets better at recognizing it, scribble faster so it becomes tougher for him.If you are on Facebook, then check out our app called 2Games Laboratory. Det er en fuldstændig kopi af dagens avis, men med langt flere fordele.Ever found yourself spending a whole afternoon with your boyfriend and wondering what to do?Both of you may love each other a lot, but on a lazy afternoon, it can get rather boring even in the best of company.Pick out your favorite erotic novel or collection of short stories and read out to each other, taking turns to play the lead characters.

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