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A former teacher has been ordered to pay back £100,000 – after flogging so many fake ‘Pandora’ bracelet charms it cost the genuine Danish firm £755,000 in lost sales.Suzanne Piercy, 49, imported convincing Pandora charm copies from Germany and Hong Kong and sold them as ‘genuine’ online via bona fide auction sites.

Trading Standards and police officers executed a search warrant at her house on June 9, 2016.

A total of 1285 fake Pandora products were seized – with the online sales value of £57,825 – along with £3,205 cash.

Jailing her last April, Judge Roger Dutton stated Piercy was ‘operating a well-run, efficient, successful, professional business making substantial profits’.

She was being used ‘as an outlet for a supplier from overseas’ and ‘it soon became clear it was not legitimate and exploited the scheme for her own and her family’s benefit’.

Since I actually follow Vin Di Carlo’s blog and agree on some of his ideas and methods with women – I was curious to see what he had to offer in the Pandora’s Box program.

I reserved one of the last spots in my city, got instant access to the entire system, and dove right in to see if Pandora’s Box is any different from the other PUA programs out there…

Pandora’s Box teaches you how to read a woman within the first MINUTE of speaking to her – and that means you’ll have the perfect “bait” each time!

Vin Di Carlo learned that as soon as he successfully began to read a woman’s type during his approach – he could close the deal EVERY TIME!

The new hearing – also at Chester Crown Court – saw a Confiscation Order made for £100,000 to be paid within three months.


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