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So today, her hair was brushed out, and hanging like a sensuous boa over her left shoulder. Shelagh had beautiful hair, and her blue eyes were positively huge. " She moved her hand, shifting the tent pole and focusing everyone's attention on the obvious bulge in the covers.

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She nodded in Shelly's direction, and I turned just in time to see my sister, hands behind her back, unhooking her bra. "Danny, I can't believe I'm about to do this," Shelly smiled. as though she was the first unclothed woman I had ever seen. It was Siobhan, who apparently had as great an appreciation for my sister's vulva as I did.

"I remember kicking you out of my room because you were looking at me funny when I was dressing.

"Maybe you got all the penis each of us girls didn't need when we gave up our Y-chromosome." "Why?

" Shelly asked, eyes wide, staring at my cock intently. I wasn't one of those guys who goes around comparing his Johnson to everyone else's in the locker room. No, it feels like I have my Aunt Siobhan's big, soft breasts pressed against my ribs. My second youngest sister, Shelagh, was indeed here, in my Aunt's incestuous bedroom, about to remove her blouse. "I didn't really get to see it that well last night, and it's been driving me nuts ever since. But it can't be true, because if it is, then I can only assume that what I'm seeing is true, as well, and what I'm seeing is just... Despite my mind's attempts to make rational sense of the situation, I had no choice but to admit that I was not hallucinating. "Thanks," she blushed, "but these are hard to hide," she said, cupping her firm breasts. She'll get her turn when I'm done with you." "Yes Ma'am," I smiled, receiving a kiss for my efforts to ignore the elephant in the room. I could imagine her fingers plunging deep into her beautiful pussy. even if your sister is fingering herself a few feet away! " I couldn't see my sister, as Vonnie's beautiful rack filled my field of view, but I could hear her ragged breathing and moans of escalating passion. and much, much less developed; back in the days before I had been banished from my sister's rooms for showing a little too much interest in their bodies. While she wasn't quite in the same league as Mom and Vonnie, she was very, very well built, as were all my sisters. Her breasts did not, riding high and proud on her chest, crowned by light pink nipples that were equally proud and tall. She was snuggled into my side, watching Shelagh strip with an interest as keen as my own.

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