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Meanwhile, despite her advancing age, Sophie becomes pregnant with Oleg's child.Season six has Sophie and Oleg welcoming their baby daughter Barbara to the world.Beginning on April 7, 2014, 2 Broke Girls moved to 8 pm to replace How I Met Your Mother following its conclusion, with the show's former timeslot given to the short-lived Friends with Better Lives.

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During the course of the series, 138 episodes of 2 Broke Girls aired over six seasons.

The series chronicles the lives of two waitresses in their mid-20s (at the start of the series): Max Black (Kat Dennings), the child of a poor working-class mother and an unknown father, and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), who was born rich but is now disgraced and penniless because her father, Martin Channing, got caught operating a Bernard Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme.

The two work together at a Brooklyn diner, soon becoming roommates and friends while building toward their dream of one day opening a cupcake shop.

Among those working with them at the restaurant are their boss, Han Lee (Matthew Moy); Oleg (Jonathan Kite), an upbeat but perverted Ukrainian cook; and Earl (Garrett Morris), a 75-year-old cashier.

They also attempt to get Deke's parents to invest in the pastry school, planning to run it by themselves, but do not succeed.

During season four, the girls start their cupcake T-shirt business, which succeeds briefly before going into the red.

Max and Caroline end up in an elite-class pastry shop called "The High" to make more money to return the loan they took for their business.

In the end of season four, Oleg and Sophie get married, with the girls realizing they have their own business to worry about and their own dream to work towards, which leads to them quitting "The High" and coming back to their business.

The remaining ,000 are used to purchase part ownership of the diner to help Han pay off his debts from gambling on women's tennis.


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