C sharp validating data

Integer value read as a object which allows to pass the value in any form such as text, data reader value, int, object . Int value to validate, default value in case given value is not a valid int, minimum int value and maximum int value.Since the data model class is automatically created for you by the Visual Studio designer it is not recommended to modify the same class file.

If the given value is less than minimum value, method will return the given minimum value.

If the given value is greater than maximum value, method will return the given maximum value.

In any case if the given value is not a valid int value, then default value will be return.

This example extends previous article how to show an Input Box in C# using simple static method. This code shows the Input Box class implementation.

When a value type is converted to object type, it is called boxing and on the other hand, when an object type is converted to a value type, it is called unboxing. The value for a string type can be assigned using string literals in two forms: quoted and @quoted.

Dynamic types are similar to object types except that type checking for object type variables takes place at compile time, whereas that for the dynamic type variables takes place at run time. For example, The user-defined reference types are: class, interface, or delegate. Pointer type variables store the memory address of another type.

The User Profile table has columns as shown in the following figure: The User Profile table As you can see from the above model class, the User Profile table consists of eight columns, viz.

Id, First Name, Last Name, Email, Bio, Age, Blog Url and Phone.

XSD would validate the nodes/attributes are correct. FAQ855-7190: Database Connection Management like I said, that is the way it works. The exception message will say what is wrong with the xml input. this is a subjective statement that doesn't really mean anything.


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