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This would place her birth after 966, later than suggested above, assuming that she was Mieszkos daughter by his wife Dobrava of Bohemia.

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Adelajda's birth date range is estimated from the supposed dates of birth of her two sons by her first husband (before his death in [976/78]) and of her three known daughters by her second marriage after [985].

The date range appears chronologically more consistent with her having been the daughter, rather than sister, of Mieszko, but this would be in direct contradiction to the sources quoted above.

Before Bolesław III Prince of Poland died in 1138, he arranged a division of his lands between his five surviving sons, which marked the dissolution of the centralised Polish state which was to persist until the early 14th century.

Poland was reunited when Władysław Prince of Kujavia reasserted control over all the Polish territories, with the exception of Silesia, and was crowned king of Poland as Władysław I in 1320. No direct evidence of this supposed second marriage has yet been found.

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After her arrival in Poland, she converted Prince Mieszko to Christianity and was instrumental in the conversion of the whole country in 966The name of Toves father, "Mistiuis", on the Runic stone bears some similarity to Mstivoj.

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