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Look at all the passion splattered up on the wall here.

Somerset looks at a coloring-book open on the coffee table.

FIRST THUG (steps forward) You can fucking suck my... Mills clutches at the thug's arm, trying to avoid a choke-hold. Mills breaks loose, grabs a handful of the second thug's hair and holds the man's head against the car's side window.

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He frees the metronome's weighted swingarm so it moves back and forth.

He reaches to the nightstand, to a wooden, pyramidical metronome.

Ahead in the street, TWO YOUNG THUGS struggle with a crowbar to break into the trunk of a parked car. One thug looks up, doesn't think Mills will be a problem, continues prying.

He crosses the street under elevated subway tracks. Mills walks, looks at the broken refrigerators and pieces of junk in the gutter.

TENEMENT/CITY STREET -- DAY A body-bag is carried through the crowd around the tenement doors.

SOMERSET I heard you brought in two small-timers last night. (waits) I want to get into the shit a.s.a.p., know what I mean? SOMERSET'S APARTMENT, BEDROOM -- MORNING Somerset picks items off a moving box: keys, wallet, homicide badge. TENEMENT APARTMENT -- DAY A wall is stained by a starburst of blood. TAYLOR Neighbors heard them screaming at each other. TAYLOR When the patrolman got here she was trying to put his head back together. COUNTRY CHURCH -- DAY The white cross on the church steeple stands against blue sky. He runs his finger across one of the pale red roses that decorates the older paper. SOMERSET, 45, in a suit and tie, stands in this empty second-story room. He pulls at the edge of the paper, carefully ripping off a roughly squared section with the rose at its center.


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