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Baboon wasn’t arrested, his car wasn’t towed, he wasn’t booked into the jail, and he didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to keep his license, because Tommy Hall and the Scarborough Police protected him, maybe even Sgt. The rest of the residents of Scarborough don’t get that special treatment.

However, the people that know Baboon Babine did steal his large 0 signs, smear feces on his small signs, and dump dry wall screws in his driveway. Baboon adds the charge of Disorderly Conduct to his witness statement!

Councilor Baboon could have killed someone when he drove to a Council Workshop, reportedly, drunk as a skunk.

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Was it the question that started, “Did you kill a huge drug case by knocking up the Confidential Informer?

” No worries Josh got a job as a reserve deputy sheriff in Somerset County.

Each kit represents a survivor who underwent the lengthy and invasive rape kit exam and reported the rape to the police. Because for too long, the value of rape kit testing has not been fully understood, and adequate resources have not been allocated.

Ex-Council Chair Baboon Babine signs a police report that lies about what happened.

The state fire marshal's office says 57-year-old Timothy Whitney Sr., of Lewiston, died Sunday at Central Maine Medical Center.

Fire investigators say the fireworks shell was set into a cement cinder block outside of his son's home in Sabattus.

They bought two trucks at the same time and saved ,000. They are still covered by other departments in the area.

The old truck was 20 years old and went to Providence, R. The cars without Falmouth markings was a choice made by the Chief and are used off hours to respond directly from a movie theater or restaurant to the scene of an emergency.

For more information see Using Fact Finder and What We Provide.

A Maine man has died after a fireworks shell he lit exploded.

Once again NO PUBLIC records exist that can be confirmed that exist or ‘nonexistence’ as the second response states.


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