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By September, all of my friends had started school but me. She didn't work, and always said that it was important for me to learn how to be a good housewife.I woke up every day at 10am and watched TV, cleaned the house, and helped make dinner. I cringed every time she said that — that was the last thing I wanted to be.Who would I listen to the radio with late at night? So when my mother told me that they wanted to stay in Palestine, I got grade, our class took a field trip to tour the high school.

The duo has set the stage on fire during the World Cup by consistently clocking in excess of 140kmph.

"It's great to be talking about India and not talk about spin!

Ryan Harris, in his brief Australia career, had become the leader of a vaunted pace pack between 20.

He would have ended with much more than the 113 Test wickets he took if his career wasn't restricted to 27 Tests due to injuries.

They've got some really good bowlers there that bowl good pace, beautiful actions.

I just watched them running into the wicket - it's so easy for them.I remember being in the store and pointing them out and being stunned when she nodded yes, then paid for three pairs at the register.They were the only things I owned that made me feel like a normal kid. My mother was holding a garbage bag and my grandmother had scissors. All I had left were one pair of baggy jeans, which I hated.It's a great challenge, it's fantastic to see some young fast bowlers coming out of India.Usually, we speak about spinners coming out of there," the former Queensland paceman said.She bought a poster of him, shirtless, and pinned it to the wall next to our bed. My grandmother saw the poster one day and ripped it off the wall. My mom said they were "going on a trip" to Palestine, but even as a 6-year-old, I'd heard rumors about a diary entry.


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