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Comments on the petition range from supportive of the Suburbicon star, to scathing of his recent words.'As a woman I support Matt DAmon whole heartedly [sic],' wrote one fan.

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"It’s a delicate thing for everyone to talk about, and I feel like we’re all learning," Kristen Wiig told THR, while Laura Dern (who had yet to read Damon's comments) urged people to not bully one another on social media and figure out how to work together.

"I think Matt was trying to do some good and ask some questions that we’re all going to have to answer pretty soon," James Van Der Beek said. We’re all figuring it out." Damon came under fire for telling ABC News there was a "spectrum of behavior" and "there's a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation." After 19 years and breaking a non-disclosure agreement, the disgraced movie mogul's former assistant, Zelda Perkins, alleged that he attempted to rape a colleague in 1998.

The star said, “We would hope that by the time my children are of the age of consent that this is long in the rear view mirror and we don't have to worry about it.” While he is always mindful of the state of the world, Clooney still manages to have a little fun.

As the sexual harassment scandal continues to unfold in Hollywood and beyond, new posters popped up in Los Angeles showing Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein together with the words "#She Knew" written on them.

Matt Damon reunited with “Ocean’s 11” co-star George Clooney for the gritty new thriller “Suburbicon,” only this time George was sitting in the director’s chair.

“Extra’s” Mark Wright caught up with the pair while they were on a giant double date night for the big premiere of “Suburbicon,” Matt with wife Luciana and George with wife Amal. When you work with your friends you check your ego at the door and you get it done.” When Mark asked about their night out with their wives, Matt said, “If it's a receptive audience, then it'll be a lot nicer night than if it's not…

George joked that “It was fun to boss Matt Damon around,” adding, “It's very difficult, 'cause obviously he's very drunk when he comes to work, but it's okay. He's a really good friend and he's a really wonderful actor, so it was all fun.” What was George like as a boss? if it's not, we'll probably be at the bar, the four of us.” “Suburbicon” is a satire that centers on Matt and Julianne Moore as a married couple dealing with 1950s race relations.

Says George, "We thought it was important to talk about building fences and scapegoating minorities...

"You cannot have a legal document that protects a criminal -- this isn't someone who sold you a dodgy car." Ultimately, Perkins left Miramax, but not before signing an NDA prohibiting her from speaking about her time there.

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