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That's been pretty much it.r99, I had such a crush on Mark Arnold in the early 80s.He was a staple in all of the soap opera magazines back then and had a great, boyish smile and sexy arms.

And Mark even did a naked ass scene or two on ATWT.

A shower scene through the steamy glass but Mark's BARE ASS was clear!

Wonder if that's where those gym shots of John Wesley Shipp were taken.

Mark Collier is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen on soaps.

If he's gay, he's deeply in the closet as he's on his 2nd marriage (to a woman).

He's still working, having recently played Cole Porter (! He's not unattractive now, but looks so glum in all of his recent photos (headshots) - maybe he's getting more work in his old age playing the heavy. My first boyfriend when I was 21 looked almost exactly like him! R113 - A Soap journalist wrote an article around 1997 exposing the code used in soap interviews and what the meaning s are.

And CBS was promoting their new Daytime Nudity Era back then - I think it was 2001 or so. Most of the male actors from the 70's and 80's and into the 90's were gay.

Don Diamont also showed his ass on CBS's Y&R in that Era. I mean, James Mitchell, Louis Edmonds, Mark La Mura, Darnell Williams, Dack Rambo, Robert Gentry (another former GL gay), MEK, Larry Lau, Jean Le Clerc, Walt Willey (rumored bi), Larkin Malloy, Keith Hamilton Cobb (actually out now), Jacob Young, and that's just some of them.

His exploits were legendary back in the late 90s and early 00s.

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