Ludwig drum serial number dating

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SO WOULD YOU GUYS SAY THESE ARE A EARLIER MAPLE KIT ? THANKS GUYS,, I KNOW THEY ARE A GOOD LINE JUST NOT SURE WHICH ONES AS YOU CANT FIND ANYTHING FROM THE SERIAL NUMBERS,,, translated, or close; In my drums 13 and 14 "are also on the two badges, interesting, In what year were the drums released?

A couple years after I got my original Super Classics (January of '90) I was getting more toms and they came with 2.

looking at a black oyster bonham style ludwig kit with monroe keystone badges,,the 14" tom serial number is 3395937..also has a 26in kick and 16 and 18in floor toms,,,anyone know what kind of ludwigs these are ? hey guys,,, thanks for the help,,,yep,,i had to pull the trigger on these drums,,the store said they think there early 2000's so im thinking they might of been a special order kit,i dont think a 26" kick was avalible then,,not sure,,,i will let ya guys know when i get them,,by the way,,,,anyone need a bonham accent kit in silver sparkle ??? It wasn't a special order on the badges, Ludwig used double badges for a few years.

My limited experience generally comes from drooling over all you guys here on the forum that own them.

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