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Upon leaving The Bill, he took a role playing Jesus opposite Edward Woodward as God in The Mysteries.This was a drama based on a medieval mystery play cycle in which every scene moved to a different part of Canterbury Cathedral.Most recently, he was cast as Scott Murphy (ex-husband of Amelia Murphy in which they share a child) in the new tv series APB (2017).

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Macpherson hosted the Seven Network series, Beat the Star, a local version of the British and German television series for one season before the show was cancelled.

In 2011, Mac Pherson returned to hosting season 11 of Dancing with the Stars in the first half of the year, before filming a new "Australian Western" style show, called Wild Boys based around Bushrangers.

During this time Mac Pherson resided in Notting Hill with close friend Robbie Williams.

After completing the show, Mac Pherson was offered the role of PC Cameron Tait in the British drama The Bill, which he played from 2003 until late 2004.

In February 2015, it was announced that Mac Pherson had landed the role of Arion in MTV's upcoming fantasy drama series The Shannara Chronicles.

In 2014, Mac Pherson resigned from Dancing with the Stars to focus on his film career; his replacement was comedian Shane Bourne.

After regaining consciousness several minutes later, and being rushed to hospital, Mac Pherson went on to do the show that night despite being heavily concussed.

He says he "remembers nothing at all" from that night's broadcast. The following year, Mac Pherson hosted a three-part series called Killer Sharks on Australia's Network Ten in February 2006.

Mac Pherson received very positive feedback, despite the series attracting low ratings.

After the season had finished, reports stated that before one of the live shows Mac Pherson was accidentally knocked unconscious by a crew member.

Macpherson's performance in the lead role was universally praised for its intensity.


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