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Waking up, one of the theme songs from Lone Survivor, the movie, tingles my eardrums in the wee hours of the morning as I toss and turn, struggling rise at 5am.

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You see, having an erection when you rise in the morning or soon after is a sign that you have healthy testosterone levels, and healthy testosterone levels in men is a sign that you’re, well, healthy.

Testosterone isn’t this muscle-building, rage-inducing, pimple-producing hormone that we’ve been told it is. For one, we produce it naturally in our testes when our bodies convert cholesterol into testosterone.

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We won’t talk too slick about 21 Savage’s all-time terrible halftime performance at last night’s Atlanta Hawks game (because he’ll definitely shoot us) but it’s worth noting that Twitter FIRE FLAME ROASTED him ALL DAY (for obvious reasons). The hook of 21 Savage’s most popular song is literally him counting to eight and he couldn’t even do that when he performed at halftime of the Hawks game.

While you should definitely increase your intake of dietary fats, you also need to use your carbs to help you build and maintain muscle. This means sitting less and walking more, but it also means training correctly.

Muscle is both metabolic and anabolic in nature, meaning that building muscle will help you with those morning boners. This is aimed directly at you older guys who think the gym and lifting heavy weights is a young man’s game, it isn’t, in fact, you need it more.

Click Here to Find Out How To Increase T With SIMPLE Changes To Your Diet Your diet, however, isn’t the only thing you need to be changing. Yes, you should be in the gym, following an effective strength program.

You should be doing deadlifts, squats, and other bigger muscle, heavy lifts that give you a surge in testosterone.

It was the next super food, it had protein and it was so bland and boring tasting that it had to be healthy.

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